Testimonials about how Mayborn’s student organizations helped young professionals get ahead

Grace Davis – Public Relations Student Society of America

“PRSSA connected me to other PR students who I hadn’t had the opportunity to meet. The speakers who have come to speak have shared amazing experiences, opening my eyes to all of the amazing things you can do with a career in PR.

While I haven’t been able to attend them, the agency tours are a big perk of UNT PRSSA as well. And PRSSA students have access to a database of internships and jobs to help in a student’s job search.”

Bryanna Moore – Public Relations Student Society of America

Bryanna Moore first heard about PRSSA because she was taking the Fundamentals to Public Relations class; there was an extra credit assignment to join in one of PRSSA’s meetings. After that, she liked going to the meetings and enjoyed what they did and wanted to be a part of the group.  Moore said the organization has helped her prepare for the workforce because she has been on the executive board. It also taught her how to lead, be goal-oriented, improve communication and work with others. Her favorite thing has been the opportunities, since they do agency tours they make the connections with CEOs and CFOs because that’s the best of the best in these agencies. Having the ability to meet with top PR managers is an amazing opportunity that the org has. PRSSA is also a national organization, so some of these CEOs are still involved at the national level.

One thing Moore would say to Mayborn students about joining a student organization is to just do it. Don’t be scared to jump into an organization; growth can happen in any organization. She also said to find what you are interested in and just join. One thing Moore would tell herself (before joining the org) is not to be scared and just go for the gusto. At UNT, it’s a diverse school, so take a chance and maybe someone will take a chance on you.

So, for PRSSA it’s all about walking through the door when the opportunities are brought to you. 

Cydne Robinson- National Association of Black Journalists

“Hello, my name is Cydne Robinson. I’m a former member and executive board member of UNT’s National Association of Black Journalists. NABJ has really benefitted me as I have gained new friends, and of course, a new family from this experience.

I have created numerous mentors and opportunities to go to national conventions to even grow inside of my career in the industry. It allowed me to get job offers that I didn’t know I could get just because my name was in the room. Without NABJ, I wouldn’t be the journalist that I am today.”

Maria Lawson – Society of Professional Journalists

“I joined UNT’s SPJ because I wanted to join an organization where it was a group of individuals advocating for journalistic ethics. I was working with the North Texas Daily and there I was able to practice my writing and putting out content every week. But I also wanted to learn more about the practice of journalism, the industry, the field and everything. So, I got involved with SPJ.

I will recommend SPJ to any student joining for the exact same reasons. It’s a great way to get involved with people who are in your major, who have similar interests and are really passionate about journalism, as well as able to through our events and meetings.”

Vivek Paudel – Ad Club

“Ad Club provided me with multiple opportunities to talk to people in the field of advertising. The speakers that were invited to talk with us were phenomenal and gave great advice on how to be successful in this career.

Ad Club gave me a chance to connect with students at the Mayborn that have the same goals in mind after graduation. I am so happy to have joined this organization and strongly suggest all advertising students invest their success with the Ad Club.”

Morghan Stewart – Ad Club

Morghan Stewart first heard when a professor brought in Ad Club members to talk to the students about the organization. Ad Club does a lot of agency tours, so they get to network with professionals and see the offices and work environment and get a different perspective than being on campus. This also gives students an insight into what life after graduation could look like for them. Stewart’s favorite part of the organization is being around like-minded individuals, and it’s just a good place to be creative and bounce ideas off of group members. Through the organization, Stewart has personally been able to make new friends, and it helped her transition into college, especially with being in college when COVID hit. She also enjoys the sense of community that the organization builds and creating bonds that will help them graduate and build careers together.

One thing she would tell students about joining an organization is to just do it because the community and experiences are worth it, even if you are a commuter. Stewart also mentioned that since UNT is such a diverse campus, everyone has different perspectives about things. She also mentioned how you’ll be learning in the classroom AND from thes student organizations, too. Another piece of advice that Stewart gave was “don’t be afraid to fail” when it comes to new ideas, projects, or plans; sometimes you are going to fail and that is okay. It is a learning process and part of developing your skills. In the spring ‘22 semester, a handful of Ad Club members were a part of an advertising showcase team. They ended up winning The Best Bold Idea award. Multiple students have gone on to work in ad agencies in the DFW area and even some branch out and work in the New York area.

Norishka Pachot – National Association of Hispanic Journalists

“NAHJ helped connect me to other like-minded Hispanic journalists in the Mayborn. The networking opportunities at the meetings made it so easy to make connections in the different fields of journalism.

NAHJ taught me the importance of Hispanic representation in the journalism world. NAHJ was a great investment in my future and provided me with the skills I need to take my professional career.”